Mole is known as the fourth animal upgraded in strategy multiplayer game online. As you know, offers a wide range of fantastic animals with diverse appearances and abilities. Among those animals, Mole animal can be an outstanding one with a unique look, also, it is the equivalent of the sea horse and the seal. mole is provided with plenty of passive abilities. It can even move 10 times more quickly on land than in water.

What does Mole look like?

The animal – Mole in game comes out with a dark shade of grey skin. It has a bright pink nose with somewhat darker pink paws. You should note that Mole is also the first animal that has paws in Compared to other animals in terms of size, Mole can be smaller than them and they always hide under the ground in the dark waiting for a perfect chance to jump out for prey. It is recommended that as Mole you bite a bigger animal when you dig to ignore mole. You are unable to get into small holes anymore if you improve donkey/zebra, and you must escape away from any animal you bit. All you simply do is to get yourself evolved into an ocean animal so you can overcome this issue.

In case you don’t bite any animals, or when a predator chases you from behind, you should enter a hiding hole that is near or right beside a hill, then start excavating through the hill. By doing this, the animal that is chasing you will give up on you for sure. Mole is the animal in game that has been moved the most in the upgrade food chain. Moles were able to bite each other’s tail just like dragons in the previous updates of Mopeio. In addition, Mole is the only animal that is able to excavate deep down the ground.

The Appearance Of Animal Mole in Strategy Game
The Appearance Of Animal Mole in Strategy Game

The technical characters of Mole in game

You can upgrade Mole from a wide range of animals, such as pig, crab of penguin at the cost of 450 XP, deer, squid, or even reindeer at 1K XP. Mole in Mopeio is able to devour plenty of foods, including mushrooms, plankton, berries, blackberry, Seaweed, mouse, rabbit, pig, and other animals. When you control Mole in game, you can hold the right mouse button or use key W. When playing on mobile, just tap the little button to make mole move around the map and even dig into the grounds to ambush other enemies and absorb them all. 4 brown dots would be likely to pop up underground, which is the same as 4 blue dots when you dive in lakes and oceans.