Play Online Game is one of the best ocean-themed io games including the gameplay similar to Aside from being a free-for-all title, it is also available for you to control a team. Your mission is to dominate the entire area. Similar to, your challenge will be set in a dark underwater arena. In which, you will join countless astonishing adventures with various creatures. Play unblocked and start off with a small Queenfish. You need to grow your group as fast as possible. While finding more members, you can encounter a lot of aggressive dwellers. Some of them will engage in your school and the rest will attack your clan. In online, you must defend your party and survive until the moment that you conquer the leaderboard. It’s feasible to evade, counterattack, or speed up to run away from stronger enemies! Begin the survival competition now! Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse to navigate the fish, Left-click or W to strike, Right mouse or Space to merge, hold RMB or Space to swallow your creatures, mouse wheel to zoom

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