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Chomp your way to the top in unblocked and try to defeat all enemies from around the world using various weapons. is a fun eat-to-grow game inspired by It opens a competition between players playing the role of chompers. You must prepare your skills with good strategies to defeat them all for a chance of winning.

Play Unblocked Online
Play Unblocked Online

At the start of game, you have to make your way through the map trying to control your little chomper carefully. The treats are everywhere on the map, so quickly eat them as much as you can to increase your size. You will choose a weapon to fight against other chompers, such as ent’s branch, fish wand, devilish trident, banana club, royal scepter, carrot mace and so forth. Each weapon has its own features to use, pick the one that suits your play style then use them to deal damage to your opponents. As you eat and fight, your experience will be increased, making you even bigger. When you encounter dangerous enemies, you should use your speed boost ability to run away from them to save your life. If you let them catch you, you will meet your end, causing the game to be over. Keep growing your mass, earn a high score, then chomp to the top of the leaderboard to become the best player!

How To Play

Move your chomper around the map using the mouse. Attack other chompers and bugs using the left mouse button, and speed up to chase your targets or run away from bigger enemies using the right mouse button.

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