Play Dizzytroopers.io Online Game

Dizzytroopers.io unblocked is a shooting io game online with a unique gameplay mechanic. You spawn with a specific level of the dizziness that is reflected by the number of yellow stars circling you. You are fighting for the dizziness reduction. You will compete against other players from around the world in an arena and you must defeat them all for your victory.

When you spawn, you should be careful and try to take a look around you to spot the enemies’ locations. You need to aim and shoot them to get kills. Once you have got some kills, the number of your yellow stars will be dropped and you will not feel much dizzy. After you have dropped all of your yellow stars, you will not spin anymore and will unlock the ability to aim. When you come across enemies with more stars than you, their dizziness will be decreased by 1 yellow star. Watch your surroundings and avoid all attacks from enemies, or you will take back 1 yellow star when you respawn. The goal for you in Dizzytroopers.io game online is to become the top-ranked player on the leaderboard! Have fun with it!

How To Play Dizzytroopers.io

On PC, move your character using WASD or arrow keys. Shoot enemies using the mouse, move the mouse to aim when you feel no dizzy.
On Mobile, use the left joystick to move, use the crosshair button on the right to shoot, and use the on-screen joystick in the place of crosshair button top aim and shoot when you are not dizzy.

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