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Droll.io unblocked is a puzzle io game featuring the battle royale style. Since there can be only one winner at the end of the game, you must try your best to solve all puzzles using your excellent skills and intelligence. The gameplay is simple to understand, but not easy to conquer. It’s all about watching the given videos then guess the possible endings that match the circumstances in those videos. If you have more correct guesses, you will get a high score.

Droll.io online features a wide array of videos with different themes to explore. You can watch a classic cat video, or a traffic incident footage, or other videos with different situations recorded on cameras. At the start of the game, all players will have to watch the first video carefully. After you have watched it, there are four options for possible endings appearing on the screen. The mission for you is to pick the most possible ending that you think right and suitable for the video. If you pick the right one, you will get coins, but if it’s the wrong one, no coins will be given to you. Make use of your coins to customize your avatar or get some bonuses. At the end of the game, the one with the best score will win! Play Drolled.io game online for free now! Have fun!

How To Play Droll.io

Select the options for the possible endings in the game using the left mouse button.

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