Flap Royale

Play Flap Royale Online Game

Flap Royale unblocked is an io game that is pretty similar to Flappyroyale.io and Flappy Bird games. If you want to experience a new battle royale game with a unique gameplay mechanic, then Flap Royale game can be a good choice for you. You can connect to friends from around the world then play with them to show your skills, or you can join a practice mode to hone your skills.

You may want to log in Flap Royale online as a guest first to try the gameplay then connect the game with your social account. Like other battle royale io games, in this title, your bird will be dropped out of a car then you must help it fly into the world full of pipes. Other players also jump out from the car, together, they and you race against each other to see who will get through the most pipes. Every time you surpass a pipe, you will earn one point for yourself. This means the further you fly, the higher the score you will have. But, everything will be over if you hit a pipe or fly down to the ground. Hence, try not to fly too high or too low, and more importantly, do not come in contact with the pipes on your way if you want to win. You should beat all of your enemies with your best score so you can fly to the top rank on the leaderboard to become the best bird.

How To Play Flap Royale

Use the mouse to control your bird and fly through pipe sin the game.

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