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Disobedient geese have irritated the farmer in unblocked and now they are all locked in a pen. The farmer decided to put them away from him after they have taken his stuff. Being stuck in a narrow pen, they have nothing to do but to fight against each other for their ultimate survival. A battle for survival has sparked, and these geese must try their best to conquer it.
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The arena in online doesn’t have enough food for all the geese. Therefore, they have to fight for it. You must control your goose carefully around the map eating as much food as you can to get your size bigger. After getting enough of food, your size will be grown, and you can build up your strength. You shouldn’t jump into a fight when you are not ready. The most important thing to do first is to evolve your goose into a big one. As you do this, you can try to avoid other geese even though they are challenging you to a fight. It’s not good to join if you have no plans or you are still weaker than them because it will be a high chance for you to be defeated. But when you are ready for it, jump into it to kill them all. Eat all geese that are smaller than you, make use of your strategies to outplay them all, and survive to become the best goose in the arena!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move your goose. Attack enemies using the left mouse button, and sprint by holding the right mouse button.

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