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Inky is pretty similar to game, only except the fact that the snakes are now inky and way bigger, even though the gameplay is no different from its predecessor. If you want to have a new experience with snake-themed io games, then Inky online is a game for you.

Play Inky Unblocked Online
Play Inky Unblocked Online

The arena in Inky is so big and full of snakes controlled by players from around the world. You spawn in this arena in the shape of a small snake. You cannot fight against other snakes when you are small like that, so try to slither through the arena carefully to eat lots of pips that are dispersed on the ground. As you eat them, you can build your length and size easily. Being a bigger snake is so fun! You will have advantages to outplay other snakes, however, the big size also makes you a threat to other snakes as they want to eliminate you. Quickly kill them first by having them run into you, speeding up to cut them off, or encircling around them. There are many ways and many strategies you can use for the kills. Just make sure you know how to tackle the dangerous snakes as well as stop them from killing you. There is a leaderboard showing the players rankings. Your objective in Inky unblocked is to rule that leaderboard by climbing the top.

How To Play Inky

Direct the movement of your snake using the mouse. Click the mouse to speed it up.

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