Play Junon.io Online Game

Junon.io unblocked is a free io game set in an asteroid field. It’s a survival game where you have to equip yourself with some food, oxygen, and stamina to survive. It will not be easy when you find yourself stranded in an asteroid field. Therefore, you need to have some skills ready to conquer this adventure if you want to win.

As mentioned above, you have to have those survival elements if you want to survive. They can be collected when you move through the asteroid field. Feel free to pick them up and try to use them smartly to overcome all challenges. Just make sure you watch out for your surroundings because other players can take this chance to attack you. As you play, you can gather resources or hire some bots or slaves to do tasks for you. There are some tasks they can do, like cleaning dirty floors, butchering corpses, farming stuff, collecting items, and refilling turret ammo. Make sure you conquer all attacks from enemies and build defenses to keep yourself safe from them. Play Junon.io game for free to show your skills!

How To Play Junon.io

Use WASD to move your character, use the number keys to change equipment, use the spacebar or click the mouse to use the current equipment, use C for crafting items, I to open the inventory, R to rotate, and E to interact with items.

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