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Play Lordz.io Online Game

With Lordz.io online in browsers, you will have your fighting skills honed through a lot of challenges. Everybody in Lordz.io game is dressed as an ancient lord fighting one another for the ultimate domination. You have to prowl around a huge map gathering a huge amount of coins dotted on the ground and use them to purchase multiple units to form a big army. These units can be archers, dragons, soldiers, barbarians, and knights. They are all armed with special abilities that can help you in conquest very easily, as long as you know how to control them during the course of the battle. Besides, you must also grow your population and build more defensive towers around your base to defeat the forthcoming enemy attacks. Can you develop your kingdom, finish off all opponents as well as unlock all Lordz.io achievements? Play Lordz.io in full-screen mode now! Much fun with it!

How To Play Lordz.io

Direct the movement of your lord using the mouse. Press E to create a house, R to create a tower, call for soldiers, knights, archers, barbarians, and dragons using T/Y/U/I/O and divide your army using the spacebar.

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