Play Lordz2.io Online Game

Lordz2.io free online game is taken in the Middle Ages, giving players more challenges to conquer. This Tower Defense io game is the second chapter in Lordz.io series. Your mission here is to go vanquish more lands to make your realm much bigger. Also, you have to keep your army upgraded through over time by building a big castle with some big buildings. When they are ready, send them out into the fight to defeat all outside rivals. How long can you last? Let’s join Lordz2.io unblocked now!

How To Play Lordz2.io

Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement, the spacebar to dash, the left mouse to assault, key E or the right mouse to trigger the special power, key B to build items, key F to arrange army formation, key Y to improve the soldier, spacebar to divide your army, key C to alter the formation, key M to toggle the minimap, key L to toggle the leaderboard, key Enter to chat, and key Esc to open the pause menu.

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