Battle Royale

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Play Battle Royale free online unblocked to experience fantastic challenges. This is a great survival mode for – a famous animal-themed io game in browsers. The evolutionary rules for Battle Royale are still the same. You have to go eat some food to grow your size, devour smaller enemies, earn enough XP and evolve yourself into stronger creatures. Watch out for the game arena in this Battle Royale mode as it will shrink and shift regularly. If you are not careful about this, you may get damaged easily, causing the game to be over. You should defend yourself from other deadly opponents, otherwise, you will get eaten, and everything will restart from scratch. In Battle Royale mode, there is only one last survivor who will win the game. Can it be you? Get ready for it now! Much fun with Battle Royale unblocked!

How To Play Battle Royale

Use the left mouse button to direct the movement of your creature. Try to eat food and smaller enemies to grow.

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