unblocked is one of the best io games about survival. game was developed by Stan Tatarnykov – a Canadian indie developer and it was already released for some platforms, including web browser (desktop and mobile), iOS, and Android. Players can play online for free in their browsers anytime they want!

Since is an addictive game with a unique gameplay mechanic, lots of people have created various mods bringing extra features to players. Everybody wants to be the first in the game using mods. Now, with mods 2020, you will explore various better features that help upgrade your gaming experience.

How to play game online is an animal-themed survival multiplayer io game in which players have to eat food, evolve, and survive all challenges. gameplay may remind you of FlyOrDie or games when it’s also about eating to grow and win, but it has its own charm that keeps you entertained for hours. The more food you eat, the more you will evolve. You start as a small and weak creature, but after eating food, you will become a stronger creature.

play game
play game

Since there are lots of players on a game map, the competition in game is very challenging. At the start of the match, you will make your way through the battlefield trying to eat berries in order to grow. Once you have become a bigger and stronger creature, you can eat enemies that are weaker than you and have a chance to rule the battlefield. Watch your surroundings as you move! Make sure you avoid players that are bigger than you, or you will get eaten. Keep in mind these important things: eat food smaller enemies, and drink water to evolve, and try to kill all enemies to become the best creature. Your goal in online is to reach the top rank on the leaderboard!

Controls in

It is important and necessary for players to have a good grasp of controls before they learn the mods effectively. The controls of game are simple to understand and master.

  • To move your animal in io unblocked, you need to move the left mouse button.
  • To start an attack on an enemy animal, you have to press the key “W” or click the right mouse button.

That’s all for the controls! That’s how you move your animal and attack enemies in game! After you have had a good grasp of in-game controls, you will find it easier to maneuver in the game match using the mods!

New features brought to you by Mods 2020

In Mods 2020, there are some extra features players can experience when playing game. By using these new features, you will have a chance to become the best player in the arena and get to the top rank on the leaderboard. There are already lots of updates, but the update in 2020 is something you should not miss. In the mods 2020, you can use some special features, like zoom in/out on the rate, having an ability to see the hidden objects that are under the water or on the land or customize the skin of your rat to your likings. Besides, you can get access to four different themes of the game as well as run one theme from the industrial, winter, desert, and spring! The special thing that the mods can do for you is that it significantly increases the size of your animal in the game. Also, it will give you lots of chances to grow your XPs!

Below here are all unique features brought to you by Mods 2020:

  • Zooming In and Out [Z]
  • Ghost Mode In the Game [G]
  • Automated Chat
  • Editor of the Food
  • Players can explore Four Different Themes
  • Upgrade Automatically [U]
  • Auto Respawn [A]
  • Drawing of Tracker Lines (Predators [T], Prey [P] and different other dragons [K])
  • Players can see underwater or overland animals and objects.
  • Players can utilize prepared customized skins.

With mods 2020, you will explore, experience, and use lots of cool features to outplay your opponents in the game. Make sure you know how to use the mods wisely when you need them the most!

Download Mods 2020

If you want to download mods 2020 for free to experience great features mentioned above, make sure you already have:

  • Tampermonkey Chrome
  • Tampermonkey Opera
  • Greasemonkey Mozilla