Play free online with a new animal called Muskox! One of the best things about game is that it features a wide range of awesome animals for players to play and evolve through multiple stages. For now, you can try Muskox – a very great animal for the beginners. With a detailed guide about Muskox below here, you will have a better grasp of this animal. Check it out!

Muskox in Game
Muskox in Game

Basic information about Muskox that you need to know

Muskox is the latest animal introduced in game. The appearance of this creature will remind you of an ox which is one of the strongest animals in the world. Players can easily evolve themselves to Muskox and use its unique abilities to conquer all challenges.

This animal has a big size and is equipped with some advantages. It has a black look with yellowish white horns and two white colored eyes. You can also see its nose in front of it. Muskox is the seventh animal in free online and if you play on an Arctic arena, you will be able to get access to Muskox. Although this creature is not much special, it is still very strong and is a good choice for beginners.

The Muskox can be the perfect animal for the Arctic mode. But, if you are in a different arena, like water or land, you should try other ones, like Zebra or Turtle for instance.

Use Strong Muskox's Abilities To Defeat Your Opponents in
Use Strong Muskox’s Abilities To Defeat Your Opponents in strategy for Muskox

To unlock Muskox and play as it, you are required to have at least 42000 XP. If you decide to play as Muskox in after getting access to it, you are recommended to learn some strategies about it. The best one for you is to feed on many small plants that are non-living in this Arctic arena. You can feed on a lot of nuts or berries to grow your XP. Your muskox is armed with some specific skills that can be used to inflict pain on enemies and kill them. You should use them to your advantage when coping with other enemy creatures.

In case you are confronting with a muskox controlled by a certain player, you should quickly escape away from it or hide in small holes to protect yourself. Since Muskox is a very powerful creature in, you must always watch out for it and quickly save your life if you are close to it.

Special abilities of Muskox Muskox is armed with some special abilities that you can find and use in the game. One of the most outstanding abilities to use is moving extremely fast. You can even move fast and charge with the W key if you want. When you are a Muskox on the Arctic arena, you can also earn the perfect grip which is extremely great. But in case you are another animal that is quite smaller than Muskox, you should use your strategies to defeat a muskox before it is able to harm you.

That’s all about Muskox! You may want to try this animal in game and use all of its unique abilities to defeat your opponents. Have fun with Muskox!