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Mope.io SandBox Online

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Mope.io SandBox Online available to enjoy!

Before you hop into Mope.io SandBox unblocked, one of the most exciting Io games, you can dig deeper into the general information below to master its content more!

Mope.io Sandbox Game

Mope.io SandBox Gameplay Online is similar to the original Mope.io game. Your mission is to turn into the strongest creature on the server.

So as to achieve the goal and rule the map of Mope.io Sandbox, you are recommended to survive and evolve. Each time you eat, your XP will be increased. Meanwhile, the level bar will be filled up, allowing you to unlock another stage. In other words, you will transform. It is safe to collect fruits and capture smaller animals. To stay alive at the end of each round, you must stay away from predators. Besides, do not forget to drink water, a useful resource to boost speed.

How to control Mope.io Sandbox

It is very easy to manage your selected pet as you play Mope.io game. In the Mope.io Sandbox Mode, you can utilize the up/down arrow keys to upgrade/downgrade your friends. 

Roam around with the mouse cursor

Hold Left mouse to run

Tap Enter to chat

Press down Right mouse or W to dive into the water or kick off an ability (only certain beasts)

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