Walrus Instruction

We will introduce a cool guide for Walrus which is regarded as a similar arctic version of Bear and Swordfish. It raises from the Lion, Pufferfish, Gorilla, and Snow Leopard to Polar Bear, Crocodile or Octopus. There are many different abilities that support them to chase and capture the target. It is necessary to master all possibilities with strategies of that class before you play online against other aggressive rivals throughout the world!

While most players will not expect to experience the adventure in game with a Walrus, you can find out something exciting hidden in his features and apply them effectively. Actually, some people just want to get access to the map to travel with the creature they like and focus on being the uppermost winner on the server. At the start, the mission of will require you to turn into the King. Nevertheless, the rest will prefer to have fun with their favorite beasts.

Some info about Walrus

Walrus is available in the list of all animals. They are good at sliding on the ice surface and climbing on hills or rocks. They can eat everything not comprising conch with lower guys. They look cunning when they know how to hide in holes, berry bushes and whirlpools.

A Cute Walrus in Game
A Cute Walrus in Game

When you accept to engage in the match, you are recommended to learn about our guide because it will show you the method to take advantage of the rock climbing ability and speed in the water environment.

In case you are being hunted or damaged with a stun or a knockback, you can search for the nearest hiding spot or a whirlpool to cover yourself.

Watch out! If you lurk those places for too long, you might not see anybody when you pop up. When somebody attacks you without deploying their stunning skill or if you are being pursued on land hopelessly, you can dive into a lake and swim to a rock in the middle to stay on top of it.

Characteristics of Walrus

Different from monsters in the list of Best Animal, Walrus is an odd entity. They own a circular maroon body with 2 side flippers and a V-shaped tail. Maybe, their form is based on the image of seadogs. They have 2 nostrils and 2 long tusks. Especially, they can conquer trees and hills in a short time. They really love to pick coconuts and bananas the food to level up.

If you are a Walrus in game and you are being followed on land, you can opt for a lake and a high solid part to keep you safe until the chaser leaves. Remember that you are one of the players that can scramble up rocks. There are numerous variants such as Magenta, Brown, or even pink.