The list of animals will now get longer with the addition of Seal! Are you ready to meet this special kind of animal that is only found in the beach areas in game? You will surely love it. With this new animal Seal in, you will also earn yourself a new gaming experience when it can let you try on brand new abilities. Seal is armed with some special powers, even though it is not an outstanding animal in the game, it is still worthy of trying. When you play on ice, Seal will be an ideal choice for you.

About Seal

Although features a wide range of animals with a number of areas to explore, Seal is still the best animal that should be used when playing on ice. This best animal is kind of the same as mole or seahorse, which owns some special skills on water and land. About the seal’s appearance, it is kind of identical to the seal in a real life. Also, it comes out with grey color with some twisted tails at the back. The seal is a level-4 animal in, making seal a predator for smaller animals but a tasty prey for the larger ones.

New Animal Seal in Game
New Animal Seal in Game Seal’s special abilities Seal has a special ability that can be used easily on the map. This ability allows you to slide on ice, get a high speed, and to do this, you must hit the key W on your keyboard. In addition to this, Seal is also able to cover itself in berry bushes, caves as well as other places. By doing this, you can hide the dangerous predators easily. You can even control the seal on other places too, like land and water. However, when it’s on land or in water, your seal is not able to move a high speed, and you can turn it into a tasty prey for other larger animals.

How to control and play Seal in other areas in

Make sure that you always play as Seal on ice so you can easily destroy other animals for a good source of food. But if you control Seal on other areas, such as land or water, its speed will be decreased, and it can be hunted by other deadly predators. To increase your XP, you are highly recommended to play with seal since it will bring you higher scores, and also, the seal is the regarded as the perfect animal for you to play on the ice in