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Step into the arena of Pikes.io unblocked and fight like a real hero! You are here for the championship and the domination of the arena. But to that end, you must defeat all enemies getting in your way using your weapon – a pike. Now, get ready to defeat them!

Pikes.io is much like other io games unblocked when it’s also set in a huge arena where players must fight one another using their pikes. You make your way through the map trying to kill them all. But you will always want to power up yourself by collecting lots of colored squares on the ground. The more squares you gather, the longer and more dangerous your pike will become. You have to swing your pike in a large arc, then attack the enemies quickly before they have a chance to beat you. You should be careful of their pikes at the same time. If you take damage from them, the game will be over. It’s important to have some strategies so you can use them to get an edge over your enemies. As you kill, your scores will be increased too. Keep gaining a lot of scores until you touch the top place on the leaderboard to become the ultimate winner that rules the jousting arena. Play Pikes.io free online to show off your skills now! Much fun!

How To Play Pikes.io

For the movement, use the mouse. To speed up, use the spacebar or the left mouse button.

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