Play Polic.io Online Game

Polic.io is a multiplayer online racing game that you can start to explore without charge. Enter a strange map and race against everybody there. Try to become an officer as fast as possible so you can occupy the top spot and arrest criminals! Remember to avoid being caught or you will lose instantly! Begin to play Polic.io unblocked for free with a red car and run away from blue vehicles! Don’t forget to gather particles until you can speed up! If you cannot achieve the goal, you will be punished. Stats and the point will be reduced immediately. In Polic.io, you can engage in a competition with another person. Keep an eye on the target that you are required to fulfill and outsmart them! There are still various events waiting for you to discover. Why don’t you jump into and share everything you know with your buddies from now on? Much fun!

How To Play Polic.io

Press LMB to accelerate, RMB to accept to join a challenge, mouse wheel or X to leave it, 1-5 to select emotes

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