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With great elements from unblocked, you can renew your experience with battle royale io games. is a fun yet challenging io game in which you have to perform great fighting skills to defeat all enemies if you want to win.

When you spawn, you have to collect weapons and items that are dispersed on the ground. Quickly gear up yourself then use your collected equipment to defeat enemies before they deal damage to you using their weapons. You must gather chicken drumsticks as well. The more drumsticks you pick up, the more points you will get. As you play, you have to dodge attacks from enemies. If you take them, you will not have a chance to win, and the game will be over. In battle royale games, it is important to survive until the end of the match, because once you are the last man standing, you will win. Play game for free!

How To Play

Perform the movement of your character using WASD, click the left mouse button to shoot enemies and collect items using F.

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