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Swim through a huge ocean in game and lead your sea monster to the top place on the leaderboard. unblocked is a mix of and sea monsters. Prepare your skills for this epic adventure in the ocean and see if you can beat all enemies! is similar to other snake-inspired io games, except the fact that you are now a sea dragon rather than a snake. You are free to explore the whole ocean and try to devour plankton orbs or smaller fishes around you to get your size bigger and longer. Remember that your body’s length is a crucial thing to your survival. After growing up, you can kill enemy sea dragons by encircling around them and make them run into your body while trying to protect your head from running into theirs, otherwise, you will be destroyed. Basically, the killing mechanic in this io title is the same as, which is not hard to follow. Just make sure that you are always careful of your surroundings, have your guard on and use your smart strategies to outplay all enemies. Remember to collect cards to unlock new species as well as level up the owned ones. The goal here for you is to dominate the top rank on the leaderboard and get crowned as the biggest sea dragon in the ocean.

How To Play

For the movement, use the mouse. To speed up, use the left mouse button.

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