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A big ocean needs the most powerful shark to dominate! In Shark unblocked, you have to fight for that title and build your supremacy in the whole ocean. Much like other ocean io games taking the concept from, in this game, players also have to go from the small sharks and try to end up as big sharks for a chance of domination.

Play Shark Unblocked Online
Play Shark Unblocked Online

You should know that the ocean doesn’t just have sharks, but it also contains various smaller dwelling fishes and plankton that are edible. This means you have to lead your shark through the arena eating the smaller fishes and plankton as much as you can to grow your size. When you increase your size, your shark will be bigger and stronger, letting you eat up other players that are smaller than you. Hunt for them and eat them up to make your shark grow faster. The only thing you need to avoid is bigger sharks! You’d better stay away from them before they catch and eat you. Once you have got eaten, the game will be over. You need to survive for as long as possible to have a chance to dominate the leaderboard by becoming the biggest shark in the ocean. Can you outplay all enemy sharks to achieve your goal? Have fun with Shark free game!

How To Play Shark

Control the movement of your shark around the arena using the mouse.

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