Play Online Game unblocked is a strategic and tactical io game. The game is set in a dark tunnel where the muzzle flash from the end of the Glock 17 of enemies seems to be the only light you see. There is no light in this tunnel, so you must try your best to fight for your light.

Get your skills ready then enter the tunnel to fight against other players1 You have to aim and shoot when you see them in the shadows. Quickly defeat them all before they escape away from your attacks. You should sneak up on enemies using the stealth element that you are equipped with. Also, make use of a sidearm or a knife since these weapons can help you beat others easily. Protect yourself and watch your surroundings when you make your way through the tunnel. Try your best to survive to become the top-ranked player! Play game now! Have fun with it!

How To Play

Move your character using WASD, rotate the character using the mouse, raise a gun using the right mouse button, strike with the left mouse button, and use the mouse wheel scroll to change weapons.

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