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You have to control your fidget spinner carefully and spin your way through the map in game to fight against enemies around the world. If you love to play with a fidget spinner in real life, then surely you will love this title. It’s playable in all browsers for free, so join it whenever you want. Prior to entering the match, you can adjust the appearance of your fidget spinner to make it outstanding in the arena.

Play Unblocked Online
Play Unblocked Online

When you move around the map in unblocked, you should gather glowing gems that are dispersed on the ground. The more gems you pick up, the bigger the size and the faster the speed you can obtain. This powers up your spinner a lot because the faster spinners always have more advantages than the slower ones. When you encounter other slower players, it’s easy for you to slay them and collect their gems. But, when you meet someone that is faster than you, you will be the one that takes damage and your gems will be taken. Make sure you boost your speed to escape away from those fast opponents or chase your targets if you want. However, speed boosting will use your current speed, so you need to pick up more gems to regain speed. Keep spinning carefully until you are the top 1 player on the leaderboard. Play game for free!

How To Play

Move your fidget spinner using the mouse and click the left mouse to speed it up.

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