Play Sword.io Online Game

After Battle Royale Fortnite, Sword.io a brutal HTML5 multiplayer game also becomes popular. It is published as Blade.io and Knife.io. In which, you will fight against a lot of enemies from around the world. However, you will not be equipped with anything after you launch combat. Actually, you need to collect swords and learn how to use them if you want to take over the top spot. Aside from being the weapon, they will create a shield to protect you when you throw these items. Play Sword.io online and you can gather them for free. They should help you defend and attack. It’s fairly unique to deploy your tools! Meanwhile, the shop will provide various equipment. Just earn enough money and you can purchase upgrades there without difficulty. Are you ready to take part in such an interesting survival competition and dominate the leaderboard? Good luck!

How To Play Sword.io

Press down Left Mouse to roam and strike, release the button to block and attack

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