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Play vertixio Online Game

In a fighting multiplayer io game called Vertix.io, everybody has to put their effort into killing enemies if you want to become the top winner on the server. It’s not easy to get to the peak of the leaderboard in Vertix.io game when you are always required to express your excellent fighting skill when battling with tough enemies from around the world. Before entering the fray, you will choose a character and nickname him/her for yourself. When you spawn in the map, try to make your way through the maze-like arena carefully and quickly shoot down all enemies that get in sight before they have a chance to shoot you back. Everything will be over if you let them shoot you. So, pay attention to your surroundings and be a nimble shooter for a better chance of winning. The longer you survive in the battle, the higher the chance you reach the top! Vertix.io unblocked promises to be a fantastic game you will not want to skip! Play it now!

How To Play vertixio

Move your shooter using WASD, jump with the spacebar, shoot with the mouse, reload your weapon with key R, press key F to spray, and scroll using key Q/E.

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