beta version proudly introduces the team mode gameplay to all players. Team Mope in Mope io was released on August 29, 2019, and this mode was added to the main game on October 6, 2018. game team mode contains three teams, including Yellow, Cyan, and Purple. In team mode, you have to bear in mind that you are unable to destroy your teammates, but the higher-tier animals in your team are able to strike you. Although they dish out no damage to you, you still receive the common knockback and some of your XP will be lost. Piechart is one of the features of the new Mope io team mode and it displays the team that has more XP than the other teams.

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The most outstanding feature of Team mode in game is Team Stones. You will see that Team Stones are scattered across the map in lakes and oceans. A team that wants to win the battle must capture all Team Stones, which is not easy at all. When Team Stones are neutral, they will take up to 50 “licks” to “kill”, and once they get “killed”, one Team Stone will be taken over by your team. You will see a notification on the screen saying that the stone was successfully captured. Besides finding Team Stones around the map, you can go steal the stones from the enemy teams too.

There are Team Stones around the map in oceans and lakes. For a team to win, all Team Stones must be captured. Team Stones take 50 “licks” to “kill” when they are neutral. Once “killed,” the Team Stone gets captured by your team and a notification pops up saying that it was captured. You can also capture Team Stones from opposing teams. However, destroying a Team Stone if it is taken by another team already makes it a neutral Team Stone, at which point you must “re-kill” it.

You will receive a 33% XP Boost for every Team Stone owned by your team, and you will have a chance to get the maximum of 4.3x XP at 10 stones. XP boost is such a crucial element for your team to level up. Once have the XP boost, all members of your team can grow their level much more quickly. Also, the XP boost makes your team XP “slice of the pie chart” get even larger.


Cobras and Giant Spiders still possess their toxic bite, therefore, they are able to slay their own comrades, even without their capability.

Red, Green, and Blue are the colors of the teams before switching to brand new colors.

The new colors are contrary to the old colors, excluding for Purple.

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