Play Online Game unblocked is an action shooting game online similar to and You have a chance to prove your plane-piloting and shooting abilities in this title. So, quickly join it now to express your style. With many players from around the world in the big arena, you have to kill them all for your victory.

As you spawn in the sky arena of game, you must control a small plane around in the sky hunting for enemies and shooting them while protecting yourself from their shots. Defeating everyone in the arena is your first objective. As you try to obtain that objective, you may want to power up yourself a bit. To do it, you need to pick up glowing orbs dispersed through the sky or unlock some weapon crates. The orbs help you grow your score as well as recover your health a small amount, while the weapon crates give you a random weapon with limited use. You can make use of the new weapons to go against your enemies and get an upper hand on them. Pay attention to your score as you play. The more enemies you kill, the higher the score you will earn. Keep growing it until you top the leaderboard to become the best player. Play online in the full-screen mode for free now! Much fun!

How To Play

Move your plane around the sky and aim at enemies using the mouse, and press the spacebar to shoot.

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