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Enjoy a new Slither-style game online called Wormax.io 2! You and other players will be pitted against each other in a huge open-world arena where you have to grow yourself by eating a lot of fruit on the map. While trying to get larger, you should avoid colliding with the body of others, or else you will lose one life, and if all three lives are gone, the game will be over. When you feel ready, you can go kill your enemies by having them crash into you. Speed up to outplay them and cut them off easily. Your goal in Wormax.io 2 unblocked is to reach the highest rank on the leaderboard!

How To Play Wormax.io 2

Use the left mouse or the right mouse or key Q to speed up. Press key W to stop the movement, key E to enter the stealth mode and keys 1-5 to use a smiley.

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