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An epic yo-yo battle in Yoyowars.io online needs a hero to conquer! Join this amazing battle io game for free and use your skills to defeat all enemies from around the world. Rather than using advanced weapons like in other io games, now, you just need a yo-yo. Prepare your yo-yo-throwing skills then jump into the arena to battle against enemies!

Play Yoyowars.io Unblocked Online
Play Yoyowars.io Unblocked Online

When you make your way through the map in Yoyowars.io unblocked, you see that there are many rainbow circles dispersed on the ground. If you pick them up, your points will be increased, which helps strengthen yourself. You have to aim then throw yo-yo at other players around you while avoiding theirs. Thanks to the circles you picked up from the ground, you can charge your super power and take on enemies easily. When you have enough points, you will proceed to a new level. This also allows you to increase your yo-yo’s size. Leveling up and growing size are the two important things you must do during the battle. It will help you deal with the enemies as well as eliminate them without using too much effort.  However, this comes with a disadvantage which is that you will reduce your movement speed as you level up, so be aware of it! How many enemies can you kill? Will you dominate the leaderboard? Have fun with Yoyowars.io game!

How To Play Yoyowars.io

Move your cell using WASD or arrow keys. Use the left mouse button to throw your yo-yo at enemies.

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