Play zombain.io Online Game

There are many battle royale zombie games you may have played before, but Zombain.io unblocked will give you a fresh experience. You don’t only fight against other players but you also have to fight off zombies and eat donuts to power up yourself in this title.

Play zombain.io Unblocked Online
Play zombain.io Unblocked Online

At the start of Zombain.io game, you will choose a weapon to use in the battle, such as a small revolver, an extreme submachine gun, a powerful shotgun, or a mega-rocket launcher. They are all great weapons featured in this shooting io game. Equip yourself with them and get ready to deal damage to your opponents. You make your way through the map hunting for enemies. As soon as you catch sight of them, kill them quickly and avoid their shots at the same time. For the zombies, you can aim then shoot them from afar too. Remember to fill your stomach with donuts to strengthen yourself. If you are low on health, you can find the nearest health box around you then get it to recover. You’d better collect as many kills as possible, survive and get into the top 1, 2, 3 on the leaderboard. The best three players of the game will receive valuable prizes. Think you can kill them all? Play Zombain.io for free now! Much fun!

How To Play zombain.io

Use the mouse to move your character, aim automatically, and click the left mouse to shoot.

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